The main principle of the gynecologist's work is to timely detect the pathological process in the reproductive organs of clomid for woman's system and choose the most effective treatment for it.

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And in the event that, according to the results of the examination, a woman turns out to be absolutely healthy, the gynecologist helps her to maintain this health in the future.

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  • At the stage of diagnostic search, gynecologists use techniques such as:
  • interviewing the patient (taking anamnesis).
  • Allows you to get an idea of ​​the functional abilities of the reproductive system, and in the presence of complaints - to suspect certain diseases;
  • examination of the external genital organs and the visible part of the vaginal mucosa; manual examination of the genitals;
  • laboratory examination of vaginal secretions and (if necessary) pieces of the vaginal mucosa; laboratory examination of blood, urine and other biological material; ultrasound and instrumental examination of the genitals.


To obtain the results of laboratory and other studies, the gynecologist gives the patient a referral to the appropriate specialist.

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Having identified the pathological process, the gynecologist prescribes treatment. It can be conservative and surgical, and the specialists of this profile carry out surgical interventions independently, since gynecology is a medical branch of a surgical focus.

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Gynecologists can work in outpatient clinics and hospitals. In the first case, their work is often preventive in nature, and is also combined with the work of obstetricians.

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A careful attitude to one's health implies a visit to a gynecologist for a preventive purpose at least once or twice a year. Regular medical examinations are a guarantee that no pathological process will have time to cause serious violations.

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It is necessary to postpone the next visit to the very near future if a woman noticed one of the following signs in her:

pulling, aching pains in the lower abdomen; any discomfort in the vagina; change in vaginal secretionsthat; disorder of the menstrual cycle, absence of menstruation; marked increase or impoverishment of menstrual bleeding; the appearance of intermenstrual vaginal bleeding.

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If any of these symptoms is pronounced and significantly worsens the woman's well-being, and is also accompanied by an increase in temperature, the help of a gynecologist should be obtained immediately.

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A gynecologist is a doctor who is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female genital area, taking into account the woman's age and her individual characteristics.

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A gynecologist monitors the health, development of girls in childhood and adolescence, and later assesses the state of the female body, reproductive and sexual function, participates in family planning, and solves contraception problems. Together with the obstetrician, he is responsible for clomid condition of the woman, conducts screening testing, reveals sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive disorders.

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The pediatric gynecologist observes puberty, answers questions of concern to girls, introduces contraception, corrects age-related cyclical changes in the genital area, identifies and buy clomid online stops infections.

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The gynecologist-surgeon performs endoscopic or clomid 50mg operations of varying degrees of complexity.

The urogynecologist diagnoses, conservatively and promptly clomid treats diseases of the pelvic floor organs.

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The gynecological oncologist carries out the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of clomid of the female reproductive system by all available methods.

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